Giovanna Parra

Marketing & Sales

Social media lover and expert in tourism platforms, highly trained to help you grow your company in digital marketing and tourism sector software (travel agencies).

Cristian E. Hernández

CEO / Founder

CEO of Fast Fix, in charge of always personally attending to any client regardless of size, supervises every detail from start to finish in each project. Computer science graduate with 12 years of experience in the field of programming and management of computer projects.

Miguel Palomera

Co-founder & administrator

Every business needs a heart, the basis that we continue to exist in this galaxy is thanks to good administration, and it is here where our rock star does his main function, managing the finances of our company has made us continue to grow and provide the service they deserve.

Brenda Briseño

Sales & Customer service

An expert salesperson and knowledgeable about computer systems, one of our best agents to the public who will answer all your questions when knowing our company and services we offer, with more than 3 years of experience and a degree in international trade.

Juan S. Salas

Backend & Fullstack Programmer

Listed as Fullstack with more than 10 years in the world of programming, he is one of the advanced programmers in database and administrative platforms, mastering languages ​​such as Javascript, PHP and Codeigniter, Lavarel and Jquery Frameworks.

Alex Salinas

Designer UI/UX

Expert in graphic design and interface designer, highly advanced designer in animation and video game development in Unity 3D.